Punsch drinks and cocktails

Punsch is a traditional Swedish liqueure. Might be hard to get your hands on
in other parts of the world, except the Nordic countries.

Agotaras * * * *
2 cl punch
2 cl dark chocolate liqueure
2 cl cream

Garnish: Dark chocolate or some good, old cacao

2009-01-30 Bibi

Grand slam
4 cl punsch
2 cl dry vermouth
2 cl sweet vermouth

Glass: Cocktail

Stir and serve in cocktail glass.

2 cl punsch
4 cl whiskey

North Pole * * * *
1 part punsch
1 part gin

Glass: Cocktail glass
Decorate with a sugarrim on the glass

Shake with ice and strain.

4 cl punsch
2 cl gin
2 cl lime juice

Glass: Cocktail glass

Shake with ice and strain.